Krylon’s 2019 Color of the Year: Gloss Gum Drop

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Krylon, a brand of Sherwin-Williams, just announced its 2019 color trends and its color of the year, a lush purple named Gloss Gum Drop. In addition to announcing Gloss Gum Drop, Sherwin-Williams already revealed the Valspar + HGTV Home 2019 color trends.

Krylon proves that you don’t necessarily need a paint brush to achieve perfect color. The 2019 color trends also prove that spray paint is versatile enough to achieve a variety of looks, ranging from rustic to urban. Rachel Skafidas, senior color designer at Krylon, gave Freshome the scoop on the new colors.

Gloss Gum Drop

Gloss Gum Drop by Krylon

The story behind Gloss Gum Drop

“Gloss Gum Drop is a warm, comforting and reassuring shade of purple that nods to a simpler time,” Skafidas says.  She also adds that it’s a nostalgic shade that pays homage to the late ‘80s and early ‘90s. “During that time, our world was ever-changing and unstable, yet we looked to the future with hope and optimism,” Skafidas explains.  “We saw this color in patterns from fashion to decor and the hue gave us comfort and happiness.” She points out that, because of its healing properties, this nurturing color is a timely choice. “We see it forging ahead to give us that same feeling of hope moving forward.”

2019 color stories

Krylon’s three color stories of the year are Rustic Country, Urban Workshop and Expressive Color. Gloss Gum Drop is a part of the Rustic Country palette. Above all, says Skafidas,“One of the key drivers for the Rustic Country trend is nature and the comfort its colors bring to us.” She adds that “Most tend to think of blues and greens when thinking of colors from nature but light purple is also there in sunrises and sunsets, gemstones and flora.” Since the color is meant to be comforting and healing, she says it works perfectly in this palette.

Rustic Country

So, how can you use Gloss Gum Drop in your home?  “Inspiration for our Rustic Country palette is the landscape that surrounds us,” Skafidas says.  “Utilizing it for decor and accessories and pairing it with other colors from this palette will make it a new favorite for DIY enthusiasts.” Since it’s a fun and cheerful color, she says it also pairs well with mattes, metallics, and glitters. The other colors in the Rustic Country collection additionally include Matte Sweet Fig, Chalky Finish Bonnet Pink and Metallic New Penny.

“For Rustic Country, bring nature indoors in a real and figurative way by refreshing accessories in your home with botanical embellishments,” Skafidas says. ”Simply spray painting an old vase and filling with fresh flowers can invite a sense of calm into the room.”

Urban Workshop

The second color palette is Urban Workshop. Skafidas describes this collection as fearless and imaginative.  “Makers and designers can extend individuality beyond their comfort zones by creating experimental designs,” she says. “Try exploring alternative materials such as ceramic, stone or perforated metal, and using typography with these bold colors.”  The other colors in the Urban Workshop collection also include Gloss Popsicle Orange, Stained Glass Cranberry Red, and Matte Deep Gray.

Expressive Color

The third color palette is Expressive Color. Skafidas describes it as appealing to the dreamer that resides in all of us. “For Expressive Color you can express your imagination through color and craft by using pixelated color patterns to bring a festive mood to unexpected projects and spaces,” she says. Colors in this collection also include Satin Iris, Metallic Iron Ore and Gloss Blue Hyacinth.

So, how did they curate the three new color palettes of the year? “Our color forecasting process involves a yearlong observation of movements in various industries and we then zero-in to the trending colors that are inspired by the landscape of lifestyle trends at home,” Skafidas explains. “The trends showcase an optimistic hope; the color palettes are forward-thinking and meant for the gentle soul, the rebel and the dreamer in all of us.”

What do you think of Krylon’s Gloss Gum Drop and three different color stories for 2019? Let us know in the comments.

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