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Our Latest Snack Obsession

Some people can get through the day without snacks. And then there’s the rest of us. Hunger pangs are never fun and snacks are a great way to get from one meal to the next when you’re not quite ready for a full meal. Cheese and crackers is one of my go-to snacks because…cheese. It’s […]

Food and Travel

20 Reasons to Eat Sweet Cherries in 2020

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Northwest Cherry Growers. Thank you for supporting the work we’re doing at Food Heaven! New year, more cherries! Sweet cherries are one of our favorite fruits because they’re like nature’s candy. They’re perfectly sweet, hydrating, and provide a number of health benefits. From reducing diabetes risks to enhancing sleep, […]

Food and Travel

Can We All Just Stop With Summer ‘Body Goals’?

For years, I had the same routine every time spring rolled around. I’d frantically prepare for summer by signing up for intense fitness classes and nutrition programs in order to meet my body goals—achieve the perfect “summer body.” It was always some kind of high-intensity interval crash course coupled with a healthy lifestyle nutrition program. […]