Sweet Potato Galette with Chili Oil

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Close-up image of a whole wheat galette with sweet potatoes on a blue plate.

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There’s something wonderfully comforting about a galette. It’s perfectly imperfect. I’ve found over the years that while I’ll occasionally make a sweet version, I veer towards these savory galettes the most. This sweet potato galette takes a bit of work but the end result is a delightful dinner.

Sweet Potatoes

This sweet potato galette is simple but the sweet potatoes soften into a perfect filling. I highly recommend that if you haven’t, invest in a mandolin. Without it, this kind of dish gets much harder (unless you have solid knife skills!) Using a mandolin ensures the sweet potatoes will be the same and cook evenly.


When it comes to the flavors of this galette, the real work comes with the topping: parsley, nuts, and a chili oil (optional!) You could easily switch up the flavor profiles. Use an herb oil, toss the sweet potatoes in harissa or romesco before assembly, or use a simple mixture of rosemary and thyme.

Bob’s Red Mill Flour

I’m using Bob’s Red Mill for the crust and using a mix of all purpose and wheat flour. You could go 100% with either flour and still have a good result. I like using the mix because it doesn’t weigh down the crust but the wheat gives it a bit of warmth.

Image of a sweet potato galette on blue plate with chili oil and a bag of Bob's Red Mill All Purpose Flour

Want to make this vegan?

Finally, because the sweet potatoes hold their own as the filling, the only vegan swap you need to make is in the crust. Instead of using butter, there’s quite a few recipes out there using vegan butter or olive oil (which works great in a savory crust).

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Close-up image of a whole wheat galette with sweet potatoes on a blue plate. continue reading

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